TasksBoard Support

What's new?

This is the changelog of major TasksBoard updates

10 October 2022

✨ New shortcut to add subtasks to a task while editing it using Ctrl + Alt + Enter (command + option + enter for MacOS)
✨ TasksBoard now loads instantly when opening the Google Chrome extension and main app
🛠 Fixed an issue with the subscription page on certain networks

28 September 2022

✨ New sorting options for lists. Now you can sort by custom order, due date, alphabetical order and last updated.
✨ Added a page to self delete all your data on TasksBoard: https://tasksboard.com/deleteAccount
🛠 Fixed a display issue when sorting tasks by due date
🛠 Fixed an issue when trying to set emoji to multiple boards in a row

15 September 2022

🛠 Fixed a bug where the app would freeze when trying to set a label or attach a file

10 September 2022

✨ New compact UI for tasks, a cleaner design for the task editor
🧹 Multiple bugs fix