Attach a file to a task

You can attach a file to your Google Tasks by clicking on the paper clip icon when editing a task.

You will then be prompt to allow the access to your Google Drive so you can select the file you want to attach. This does not grant TasksBoard an offline access to your Google Drive files and we only use this access to allow you to pick a file and attach it to a task.

You can then select the file you want to attach from the Google Drive picker

You can remove the attachement by clicking on the delete icon of the attachement you want to remove when editing a task


If you have any issue when attaching a task, please try to reset the access to your Google Drive using this link

If this doesn't work, please check that you browser allows third party cookies as the Google Drive picker rely on them to work.

If it works in incognito mode but not in normal mode, you most likely have browser extensions installed that block the third party cookies. If you are using brave, be sure that the shield is down for TasksBoard

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