Team plan

The Team plan is part of the Premium tier and enables you to invite all your team members on your plan and get billed only on your account. Your teammates won't have to add a credit card or have their own subscription in order to be premium.

You can see the Premium plan pricing on our Pricing page.

Invite team members to your plan

To invite teammates to your plan please go to the subscription page of the account that controls the team subscription.

Then click on the "Manage users" button under your subscription.

You will then be able to invite your teammates to your plan by entering their email addresses.

Your teammates will then simply have to sign in on TasksBoard using the same email address as the one you specified and they will automatically have access to all the Premium features!

How does the invoicing work when adding team members?

You will get an instant quote when adding team members to your plan. You will see exactly how much you will be charged immediately and how much your plan will cost you on the next billing cycle.

When adding a member to your plan you will be charged immediately for the new amount of users for the remaining time on your plan and will be deducted the amount that you won't use on your current plan.

As an example, if you start a Team plan for one user only and then, 8 months later, add another user: you will be charged immediately for 2 users for the remaining 4 months (12 months - 8 months) of your subscription minus the 4 months that you won't be using on your original subscription. That effectively means that you are immediately charged for only 4 months (the remaining period on your plan) for the one additional user you just added.

How does the invoicing work when removing team members?

When you remove team members from your plan, your account is credited with the amount corresponding to the time that won't be used by the users removed from your plan.

As an example, if you have 2 users on your Team plan and remove one user after 8 months, you will be immediately credited to your account balance for the remaining 4 months of your yearly plan for one user.

Your account balance will then be automatically deducted from any future invoice.

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