Manage subscription

Cancel subscription

You can cancel your subscription from your subscription page.

If you are in the middle of a billing period, your subscription will be set to be canceled automatically at the end of your billing period.

Depending on your plan, you might have the option to cancel immediately and apply for a refund.

Update subscription plan and recurrence

If you want to change your subscription recurrence from monthly to yearly or upgrade/downgrade your plan, you can update your subscription from the pricing page.

You can select the recurrence between Yearly and Monthly, then under the plan you want to update to, click the button "Switch plan".

If you go from a Yearly subscription to a Monthly one after your trial (after being charged) you will be credited the difference with your new subscription on your TasksBoard account. This credit will be automatically used on your future bills. We do not refund the price difference.

If you go from a Monthly subscription to a Yearly one, you will be charged the difference, immediately if your trial is already expired or at the end of your trial if you are still on it.

The same logic applies if you go from a Personal subscription to a Team one.

Download invoices

You can download your invoices from the subscription page.

Please note that refunded invoices won't show refunded and that the date of the invoices might differ from the date of charge based on bank holidays and automatic payment retrials.

Update billing details

You can update your billing details from the subscription page.

Please note that you cannot update the billing details on an already-issued invoice. All changes to the billing details will be reflected on the following invoices.

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